How to Fix HP Printer Light Blinking | Causes & 5 Best Fixing Methods

HP Printer Light Blinking
August 28, 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever noticed different colored HP Printer Light Blinking issues on your printer? The blinking light patterns you observe on your HP printer are designed to convey important information about its status and any potential issues. If you notice any Blinking Light On the HP Printer, you should check the exact cause of the problem in …

3 Best Methods for HP Wireless Printer Setup to Windows/Mac/Android

HP Wireless Printer Setup
August 28, 2023 0 Comments

Don’t know how to start HP Wireless Printer Setup? 123ComSetup has come with a start-to-finish printer guide with our 3 best methods. Wireless printers are an excellent choice to print on the go, straight from your smartphone or tablet eliminating the need for a messy series of cables. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone – …

How to Add Printer to Mac Device – 3 Best Methods via USB/IP Address/WPS

How To Add Printer To Mac
August 24, 2023 0 Comments

Trying to set up your new HP printer on a Mac? But don’t know how? Here, you can easily learn How To Add Printer To Mac Device using 3 different techniques in just a few simple steps. If you have just got your new Mac at home or in the office and are facing issues connecting it …

How to Add A Printer to Windows 10 Computer – 3 Best Methods to Add Via USB/Bluetooth/WIFI

Add A Printer to Windows 10
August 23, 2023 0 Comments

How to Add A Printer to Windows 10 Computer Wondering How to Add A Printer to Windows 10 computer? If yes, don’t worry we got you here, 123ComSetup HP Printer Setup is here to help you out, We have 3 different methods that will surely help you to solve your problem because adding a printer to a Windows 10 computer or laptop requires almost …

What is Boot Device Not Found 3F0 Error, Its Causes & Troubleshooting Methods

Boot Device Not Found
August 22, 2023 0 Comments

Are you an HP user and currently facing a “Boot Device Not Found” error on your HP Windows device? This is a common error faced by many HP users these days. Whenever you face a boot device not found error, your PC or laptop shows different messages on the screen, such as: On any occasion, you are …