How to Add Printer to Mac Device – 3 Best Methods via USB/IP Address/WPS

How To Add Printer To Mac
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Trying to set up your new HP printer on a Mac? But don’t know how? Here, you can easily learn How To Add Printer To Mac Device using 3 different techniques in just a few simple steps. If you have just got your new Mac at home or in the office and are facing issues connecting it with your HP printer, 123 Com Setup is here to guide you on How To Add A New Printer To your Mac with its expert guidance and set of instructions.

How To Add Printer to Mac Devices

Here, you will learn How To Add a Printer To A Mac Device through different methods in a few simple steps. Keep on reading!

3 Simple Methods To Add A Printer To A Mac

How To Add Printer To Mac

Adding a new HP printer to a Mac frightens most users. But once you know the steps and methods of How To Add Printer To Mac, you will find it easy to do. It really doesn’t matter whether you are from a technical background or not, 123 Com Setup instructions will help you do it effortlessly. Through their guidance and easy-to-follow printer setup assistance, you can add your printer to a Mac quickly.

How To Add Printer To Mac

HP Printer To Mac Via USB

How To Add Printer To Mac

HP Printer To Mac By IP Address

How To Add Printer To Mac

HP Printer to Mac via WPS

Method 1: How To Add Printer To Mac via USB

Connecting an HP Printer to a Mac using a USB or wired connection is preferred, where printers do not have networking capabilities.

So, if you also have a USB printer, here’s How To Add A Printer On Mac via USB. 

  1. Attach the USB cable to your Mac and turn on the printer.
  2. After connection, your device may prompt you to download new software. Download the latest printer software available for your printer model and install it before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Now, click on the Apple icon, go to System Preferences, and click on Printers and Scanners.
  4. Click on the + sign below the list of printers. Here, you will find a printer name with USB listed. Select your printer to add.
  5. Finally, you can add your HP printer and start using it for your print job.

Method 2: How To Add Printer To Mac by Specifying Its IP Address

The next method of How To Add a Printer To a Mac device is by specifying its IP address. This method is useful when the network printer you are using is not on the list of available printers. However, one must know the printer’s IP Address, Printing Protocol, Queue Name (in some cases), and Printer Model Number to use this method.

Note: To add a printer by specifying its IP address, it should support one of these 4 protocols:

  • AirPrint
  • HP Jetdirect (Socket)
  • Line Printer Daemon (LPD)
  • Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)

To Add A Printer To A Mac using its IP address, follow the steps below:

  1. First, connect your HP printer to the network (use the printer manual for instructions).
  2. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of your Mac screen.
  3. Navigate to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
  4. Click on the + sign below the list of printers to add a printer to a Mac.
  5. Click on the IP button.
  6. In the address field, enter the printer’s IP address.

Note: To obtain the IP address of your printer, go to the Printers and Scanners field and click on Options and Supplies. A location box will display your current IP address.

  1. Rename the printer (if you wish to).
  2. In the Use field, choose the print driver you would like to use.
  3. Finally, click on the Add button at the bottom of the window.

If successful, your printer name will appear in your list of printers. Start printing!

Method 3: How To Add Printer To Mac via WPS

To connect the printer via WPS mode, press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button on your printer until the wireless light blinks. If your HP printer has a dedicated WPS button, press and hold the “WPS” button instead of the Wi-Fi button. Now, let’s proceed towards the process to Add Printer To Mac.

Here’s How To Add An HP Printer On A Mac using the WPS button:

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top-left corner of your Mac’s screen.
  2. Go to System Preferences, then click on the Printers and Scanners.
  3. Click on the Add sign below the list of printers.
  4. For the printer, you want to add, select it from the list displayed by the Mac device.
  5. Go to the Use field, and choose the printer’s software or drivers from here.
  6. Finally, click to add the printer.

We hope that the methods outlined above have helped you solve your problem of How To Add Printer To MacNavigating through the steps of connecting and configuring your HP printer with your Mac system might appear daunting initially, but we hope that this comprehensive guide has provided all the necessary guidance for you.

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