HP Deskjet 1000 Printer Setup Guide


Quick Setup Guide for the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer – For Beginners

The HP Deskjet 1000 printer is a compact and reliable printing solution designed for personal and small office use. With its sleek and space-saving design, it easily fits on any desk or workspace. This printer offers high-quality prints with sharp text and vibrant colors, thanks to its advanced inkjet technology. The Deskjet 1000 has a simple setup process and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to operate. It supports a variety of media sizes and types, including plain paper, photo paper, and envelopes. With its affordable price point and efficient performance, the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer is a great choice for everyday printing needs.

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Variety of Features in the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer

  • The HP DeskJet 1000 is designed for basic document and image printing.
  • It supports color printing and has a moderate printing speed.
  • It offers a standard print resolution of up to 600 dpi for black and white prints and up to 4800 x 1200 dpi for color prints.
  • The printer can handle various paper sizes like letter, legal, and envelopes.
  • It has a standard input tray with a capacity of 50 to 100 pages.
  • The HP DeskJet 1000 can be connected to a computer via USB for direct printing.
  • It is compatible with popular operating systems like Windows and Mac OS, but it's important to check compatibility details with the manufacturer.

New Printer Setup Guide - HP DeskJet 1000 Printer

HP DeskJet 1000 Printer Unboxing

  • Carefully cut or remove the outer packaging material to expose the printer box.
  • Lift the flaps or open the box lid to reveal the contents inside.
  • Lift the printer out of the box, ensuring you hold it securely from the sides.
  • Check for any protective covers, tapes, or foam inserts on the printer.
  • Remove them carefully.

Power On the Device

  • Locate the power cord in the box and connect it to the printer's power input port.
  • Plug the power cord into a power outlet or surge protector.
  • Press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Use the printer control panel to choose your desired language and country/region.
  • Confirm your selections by clicking "Yes."
  • If prompted, select the correct time and date and press "Yes" to confirm.

Insert Paper in Feeder Tray

  • Remove any paper from the feeder tray.
  • Adjust the paper guides in the tray to match the size of the paper you want to load.
  • Fan the stack of paper to prevent sticking and straighten the edges.
  • Load the paper stack into the tray with the print side facing down and the top edge facing the printer.
  • Push the paper stack into the tray until it stops.
  • Slide the paper guides to the edges of the paper stack without bending the paper.
  • Check that the printer recognizes the size of the loaded paper.

Install Ink Cartridges in the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer

  • Turn on the printer before installing the ink cartridges.
  • Pull the left side slot forward to expose the ink cartridges container.
  • Take off the protective covering from one of the ink cartridges.
  • Insert the ink cartridge into the slot and give it a gentle push.
  • Repeat the process for the second ink cartridge.
  • Close the access door for the ink cartridges.
  • The alignment process for the ink cartridges may take some time.
  • After the printer has become stable, print a test sheet to verify that everything is working correctly.

Download Drivers for the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer

  • To install drivers, go to 123.hp.com.
  • Enter your printer's name and model number under "Search" to start a search.
  • Download and save the drivers after finding those that are suitable.
  • After you've saved the driver's file to the system, follow the prompts on the screen to finish.

Software Installation UK for the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer

  • Go to the HP main page.
  • From the menu, select "Software and Drivers."
  • Enter "HP DeskJet 1000" in the search box and click the search button.
  • Choose your operating system from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the "Download" button next to the selected driver and software package.
  • Once the transfer is complete, go to the downloads folder to find the file.
  • Double-click the file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the HP DeskJet 1000 software.

Download HP DeskJet 1000 Drivers With the Help of CD/DVD

Users have the option of downloading the HP DeskJet 1000 printer software via the installation CD or DVD that generally comes with HP printers, in addition to doing so through 123.hp.com/setup link.

Follow the guided steps mentioned below:

  • Ensure that your HP DeskJet 1000 printer is turned on and connected to a computer before inserting the installation CD.
  • Check the installation CD for any scratches or other substances before using it.
  • Place the “Installation UK CD” into the Windows computer CD driver slot.
  • The installation process will appear on your computer screen. Choose to save the file on the C drive.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for installing the HP DeskJet 1000 printer drivers.

Wireless Configuration for the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer


  • On the printer's control panel, select Wireless.
  • The "Wireless Setup Wizard" option can be found after selecting "Settings."
  • To connect the printer to your wireless network, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Download and install the most recent printer software from the HP website after the printer has been networked.
  • Choose "Wireless" when requested throughout the installation procedure.
  • To finish the installation, adhere to the instructions.


  • Ensure your Mac is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Power on the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer and make sure it's in a ready state.
  • On your Mac, go to “System Preferences” and select "Printers & Scanners."
  • Click the "+" button to add a new printer.
  • Select the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer from the list and click "Add."
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the wireless configuration process.


USB Configuration for the HP DeskJet 1000 Printer


  • Turn on both your printer and PC.
  • Make sure the most recent operating system is installed on your machine.
  • The HP DeskJet 1000 printer's most recent driver should be downloaded and installed.
  • Utilize a USB cable to link your HP DeskJet 1000 printer to your computer.
  • The printer ought to be prepared to accept print jobs once the connection is made.
  • Examine the print quality to make sure the printer is operating properly.


  • Connect your Mac and HP DeskJet 1000 Printer using the USB cable.
  • Click the "Apple" icon on your Mac and go to "System Preferences."
  • In the System Preferences menu, select "Printers and Scanners."
  • Click the "+" sign to add a new printer.
  • Choose your HP DeskJet 1000 Printer from the list and proceed by clicking "Add New Printer."
  • Verify that your Mac is properly connected to the HP printer.

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