HP Envy 6055e All-In-One Printer Setup


HP Envy 6055e Complete Setup And Fix Guide

HP excels at meeting customer demands, recognizing customer needs, and innovating new series. The evolution of the HP Envy Printer Series comes under the same category, especially the HP Envy 6055e printer, due to its powerful performance and affordable cost in this blog you will going to see HP Envy 6055e complete setup and fix guide. You may have noticed that contemporary printers are crammed with extra capabilities that are optional and frequently utilised. These are precisely the reasons why printers have grown so expensive and need to be reduced. Additionally, it restricts people from using the gadget by adding to their load. Most customers favour printers that are simple to operate and require less effort.


Top features of HP Envy 6055e

  • High-quality printing, quick copies, and high-quality scan output from a multipurpose machine
  • 4800 × 1200 dpi print resolution with progressive variation
  • Print Size Maximum: 8.5 x 11.7"
  • Printing without borders up to 8.5 x 11"
  • 10 pages per minute for black and 7 for colour
  • Support printing documents and photos from your smartphone for a more convenient printing experience.
  • Ready for HP Instant Ink Program


Get The Power Mode On With The New HP Envy 6055e Printer Series

Printers are needed in today's work culture, whether for the workplace or the home. The generation of today requires quick performance with high-quality results. They are constantly looking for anything cutting-edge that makes achieving their intended job as simple as possible. The HP Envy 6055e matches this category's needs for high-performance printers with high-quality output the best. You can efficiently accomplish all of your work, including office sheets and projects for school or college, with the HP envy 6055e all-in-one printer. To set up the printer, go to 123.HP.com/setup envy 6055e and install the necessary drivers. Due to its quick printing output, you may finish the job on time. The printer can boost the printing experience; it aids in propelling your organisation to new heights by allowing you to print, fax, scan, and instantly access the internet. But before you start with your printing process, it is important to set up your new HP Envy 6055e completely. Let's have a look at the complete setup process.


Setup And Installation Of HP Envy 6055e Printer

  • A new printer must initially be carefully unpacked after purchase. From outside to inside, unpack it, then attach it to a power supply switch next to your computer.
  • Remove the HP Envy 6055e printer by removing the packing tape.
  • Check to see if there are any protective materials on the scanner glass.
  • Detach the control panel from your HP Envy 6055e printer as well.
  • Now locate a flat area where you may put up your HP Envy 6055e.
  • To avoid running into any technical problems, make sure that all of the wires are securely inserted into the wall socket.
  • After connecting the printer to the power source, push the Home button located in the left corner of the HP Envy 6055e printer.

A Guide To Setting Up The HP Envy 6055e Printer

Steps to follow:
  • Your new printer can make some noise the first time you turn it on.
  • When you reach the home screen, select your language, nation, and area using the arrows adjacent to the printer's control panel. Once you have correctly entered all of these data, click OK.
  • Check the tray extender on your HP Envy 6055e printer before loading the paper tray with printing materials (typically A4 size).
  • The papers must now be arranged in the tray.
  • Open the scanner glass cover, insert some plain paper, and then drop it back into place.
  • A notification will appear on the Control Panel once you have completed installing the authentic HP cartridges. Click OK.
  • You can now connect the HP Envy 6055e to your computer wirelessly, through Ethernet or via USB.

After completing the above process, you need to follow the instructions for ink cartridge installation and perform it carefully to get started with your HP Envy printer.


Process To Setup HP Ink Cartage

  • Open the access area on your HP Envy 6055e printer and turn it on.
  • Unwrap the ink cartridges and then clean the access area for the cartridges.
  • You now need to put the cartridges in. The HP Envy 6055e printer's top ink cartridge access door should be opened, and the toner should be inserted into the available slot.
  • Close the access door after inserting the original HP ink cartridges into the slots.
  • Place both the colour and black-and-white ink cartridges to continue printing documents quickly.
  • Now, shut the Access door and the lid (you may consult your printer's user manual to learn how to install an ink cartridge).

After inserting the cartage, you must follow the steps to align the page tray to move further.



Paper Tray Alignment Setup

  • Open the paper tray on the HP Envy 6055e printer and turn it on.
  • Clear the print heads of the Envy printer of all paper jams.
  • Pull the paper tray open and place the papers inside after loading it (You may refer to the setup manual that comes along with the printer).
  • Markers should be moved to make the sheets snug but not too close.
  • Close the paper tray after the sheets are straight.

The setup is now complete. Next, we'll discover how to get the software and drivers for the HP Envy 6055e printer. Before beginning the software configuration with the HP Envy 6055e drivers, the hardware setup must be complete.



Let's Download HP Envy 6055e All-in-One Printer Drivers

  • To obtain the HP Envy 6055e Driver, please follow the steps outlined below:
  • Navigate to 123.HP.com/setup 6055e, input your printer model name and number, and then begin your search.
  • Click Download after you've located the suitable HP Envy 6055e Driver.
  • Now save the Driver files to your computer and finish the setup by following the on-screen directions.

After that, you must install the driver on your computer after downloading the software and drivers for your HP printer. To properly install the HP Printer setup, simply open and click on the HP Envy Printer Setup file from the downloaded folder and follow the onscreen instructions. If a network connectivity method is offered after installation, choose it; if not, choose direct connection mode. Make sure your printer is linked to your computer as well.


How To Configure HP Envy 6055e Through Wireless

  • Put your computer and HP Envy printer next to the access point.
  • Now, switch on your computer, network, and Envy 6055e printer.
  • Select the settings menu from the home icon in the control panel.
  • To continue with the wireless setup wizard, select the wireless settings menu.
  • Enter the router credentials to complete the HP Envy 6055e wifi setup process.


How To Configure HP Envy 6055e Via USB

  • Place the Envy 6055e near to your PC in a level spot.
  • Check to see if your PC has the most recent OS by turning on both the PC and the Envy 6055e.
  • Install the most recent Envy printer driver after that, then select the USB cord connection.
  • Connect the PC and the Envy 6055e printer using the USB cord.
  • Assign print jobs now and see if the Envy printer prints smoothly.


Connecting Printer Through Windows

The detailed instructions for connecting your printer to various Windows operating systems are listed below. Depending on the operating system you use, follow these steps:

  • Windows 8: Open the app bar, select "All Apps," and select "Folders with printer name."
  • Windows 7, Vista, and XP: Click Start, select All Programs, HP, and then select the printer from the list.
  • Choose the programme and printer configuration now.
  • Select the new printer from the list of choices, then click Connect. Now, to properly connect the printer to your Windows PC, follow the steps shown on the screen.


Connecting Printer Through IOS

You must connect your printer to your Mac to get prints after a successful printer installation. So take the following actions:

  • Open the HP Utility Software, choose your printer's name, and click Continue.
  • Click Add Printer now. Your Mac's screen will now display the Add window.
  • Find the name of your printer and then choose it. Make sure Bonjour is listed under Kind on your printer.
  • Next, pick the name of your printer from the drop-down menu by clicking the Use menu button.
  • To include your HP Envy 6055e pro printers in the list, click Add.

Resolve HP Envy 6055e All-In-One Printer Issues:

Specialized issues with your HP Envy 6055E Printer may occur without warning. Furthermore, if these technical errors are not fixed immediately, they will, without a doubt, cause more critical issues and collapse your printing position. Printer issues are constantly connected with vulnerabilities that can frustrate your HP Envy6055e 6055e Printer execution whenever. Unlike some other specialised contraptions, your printer gadget also needs time-to-time support and fixes to keep it in running condition. Likewise, numerous specialised errors that might have to be canceled by an expert can arise anytime. It is hard for everyone who needs the technical information to deal with their printer as required. Our expert specialists will either find the printer issues and fix them in real time or guide you through the investigative method. As a result, we have assembled a team of experts who are fully equipped to handle any printer issue and can thoroughly investigate your HP Envy 6055 e all-in-one printer.



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