HP Printer Carriage Jam


Steps To Fix a HP Printer Carriage Jam Issue:

We have compiled the best fixes to clear this notorious printer problem. Let’s start.


Step 1- Turning Off and On Your HP Printer:

The simplest method to fix the paper jam issue with your print machine is by pressing the power button to turn the printer “OFF” and then waiting for a minute. After some time, press the power button again to turn the printer “ON”. Print a self-test report to check the error.

If the cartridge jam message remains on display, proceed to the next step



Step 2- Remove Any Jammed Paper Through the Rear Access Door of the Printer:

To clear a paper jam, open a rear access door by gently pressing the left side door towards the right and remove the door by sliding to the left. Now carefully remove the jammed paper, including any torn pieces out of the roller. After that, replace the rear access door again. Reconnect the power cord and turn on the printer to check the error



Step 3- Make Sure That the HP Printer Carriage of Your Printer Can Move Freely:

Press the Power button and turn on your printer. Now, disconnect the power and USB or Ethernet cables from the printer’s rear without turning off the product. Check for any torn paper or other foreign objects restricting the carriage. Remove any loose paper or obstructions carefully and ensure that the carriage can move freely across the product’s width by gently pushing the carriage back and forth.

After that, close the carriage access door, reconnect the power cord and wall outlet, and turn on the printer. If a self-test report can be obtained, there is no need to continue troubleshooting.


Step 4- Remove and Re-install the Print Cartridges:

If you have placed or installed the cartridges wrongly, the carriage jam error will be shown. To remove the cartridges, open the cartridge access door, press down the top latch to release it, and push down to pull it towards you out of its slot.

Now check the obstruction around the carriage and remove them. To reinstall the cartridges, slide them slightly upward into the empty slot, then gently push them forward until they snap into place. Press down on the cartridge latch and close the carriage access door. Now take the self-test report to check the error.


Step 5- Plug the HP Printer Directly Into a Wall Outlet:

To ensure that the power source is functioning correctly, disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer and the power strip or surge suppressor.

Now, plug it directly into the wall outlet. Reconnect the power cord to the back of the printer and then turn it on. Take the self-test report. If it successfully printers, then there is no problem in the print carriage.



Step 6- Perform a Power Reset:

To perform a power reset of your HP printer, disconnect the power cords from the back of the printer, and the electrical outlet keeping your printer turned on.

Now, wait approximately 15 seconds to reconnect the power cord. Turn on the power button and obtain a self-test report. If the self-test report prints successfully, your issue may get resolved.



Step 7- Service the Printer:

Never be late to bring your faulty HP printer for service if the issue persists after completing all the above steps to fix the Paper Jam issue. It can be possible that your HP printer is showing the paper jam issue; however, there might be some other technical default that you cannot recognize.

So, at this time, taking your printer to the technician will not only save your time in dealing with the problem, but the real cause that is hampering the productivity of your device can be obtained.


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